Photographer Highlight: Shomei Tomatsu

Tomatsu is a post World War II era Japanese photographer that concentrates in black and white photography that documents the transformation of a society that was bombed by a nuclear weapon.  His impactful and instantly memorable images contain evocative social, economic, and physical ideas concerning the implications of an unnatural event imposed on a culture (it is believed that 98% of the bombed victims were civilians).  His work serves not only as a reminder of the events cruelty, but more importantly, powerfully imposes the pain, raw emotion and transfiguration of his people onto the psyche of the viewer. Personal Favorites (though I think every single photograph he has presented is top tier)

Other Project Highlight: EROS (Greek for Intimate Love)

Untitled:  Phenomenal silver gelatin print at SFMOMA

Tomatsu also has amazing color work that has the same mood, themes, and haunting qualities:

Tomatsu's Book:

SFMOMA article on their ideas and exhibit (now past) of Post WWII Japanese Photographers book review of Skin of a Nation (w/more sample images)

UCLA article on A-Bomb featuring Tomatsu photos

Atomic Bomb Description from Wiki

more sample images