Photographer Highlight: Laurence Demaison

Demiason is a photographic magician! She is two places (conceptually) at once in being both photographer and subject.  Her work deals with work bending time, space, while manipulating forms of what photography is in her "performance" art in front of the camera (also playing with a documentary style, in physical recording an actual performance).  Her images are often dismissed as photoshop magic, but her masterful slight of hand is that she uses NO PHOTOSHOP to create these images.  A better written description by Critic A.D. Coleman seemed equally captivated by Demaison’s work. He wrote:“One set of images is composed of time exposures registering carefully orchestrated performances for the camera, during which Demaison creates representations of the outlines and surface of her body with layered, multiple exposures of her own hands. These read as both traces of a performance and the sort of simultaneous fluid yet frozen moments to which Butoh dance aspires.

“From a strictly imagistic standpoint, Demaison approaches the process of photographic picture-making as an occasion for extraordinary formal invention. From a conceptual standpoint, she treats the photographic negative (and the resulting print) as a stage for the performance of an action invisible to the eye, often one of considerable duration by conventional standards.”

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