Don't Forget to Use Your Account!

You previously had to buy an Adobe product to sign up and be a member, but now you just need to create an Adobe ID which is good to do because if you purchase any products from them and register, they keep track of your serials.  So if you lose your packaging which has the serial written on it, you have it backed up by Adobe.  Just go here: Adobe, to create an Adobe ID.  Then sign up for a free account. Don't buy more storage until you know you like the program, but I love it as a place to manage, edit, and save my mobile photography shots.  More reasons why, are below: Q: What is A: is the online complement to Adobe's family of Photoshop software, offering:

  • free web-based photo-editing tools
  • easy photo sharing in online albums and on sites like Facebook, Flickr, Photobucket, and Picasa
  • photo and video file backup and storage
  • inspirational photographer spotlights, content, and tutorials
  • information about Photoshop products
  • links to to try, buy, and learn more about the features of Photoshop products
  • access to Photoshop Express Mobile tools for Android devices, and iOS devices (Apple iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch)
  • Learning: Find great tutorials to help you master your Adobe software.
  • Spotlight: Get inspiration by seeing how others use the Photoshop family of products.
  • My Gallery: Share albums of your choice on the new HTML-based gallery page.
  • Able to upload and download from any computer, and from iPhone/ipad through their FREE photoshop app (which if you don't have get it here: called Adobe Photoshop Express)
  • You get a url: that is which just looks cool.
  • As always, stay calm and have fun!