Elements Gets Content Aware!

So one of the biggest reasons to upgrade or buy Photoshop CS5 is content aware fill. It's used to remove people, poles, cars, birds, etc. from your backgrounds quickly and easily. I have found that the success rate of clean removal of "problem" element to be about 30%, and the rest of the time you either cannot use it cause it causes more problems, or you get closer that with just a bit more work, get you reach your goal sooner rather than later. Well guess what. If you buy Photoshop Elements for $79, you get the feature. It works just as well, and you don't need to pay $299 for the upgrade in from CS4 to CS5. I'm actually a little disappointed in Adobe for this one. Too bad I already bought CS5.

It also has photomerge, which builds panoramas in a great way.  It's strange that it is found here, but is not included in Lightroom 3 which costs $299.  Hummm. . . .for $79, those of you that don't have photoshop, want to upgrade to CS5, or  have lightrrom but want to do panoramas, you cannot beat the price.