Need a bigger lens? Here is the ultimate answer!

So . . . I tell my students all the time that equipment does not make you a better photographer, it can only make a particular capture more efficient or easier.  This is a proven example of that.  Terrible photos, but it made it easier since now we don't have to drive to the buildings. [youtube=]

These guys had access to a $120,000 lens, and the most interesting thing they can show us as examples are building shots from a mile a way.  We have all seen better building shots come from cheap plastic camera lenses that cost $20. The only reason you would ever even consider this lens is to look like Mr/Mrs professional photographer, or to shoot something from insanely far away, but to make it appear like you were right next to it . . . um like:  the moon, glaciers, animals, sports events (think race cars), anything really but buildings.  Come on guys, sell it to me.  Also, don't forget to mention the fun parts about carrying that lens around, the insurance for it, and how difficult it will be to have it fixed.

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