Dali-esque Photo App + John Waters = Amused Carlos

So this made my day today, as I am a huge Salvador Dali fan.  Not only the man's fun approach to art, but his ability to reconstruct his ideas into many media including photography, painting, video (see Hitchcocks Spellbound below), writings and living as he was known to go to public functions dressed as a lobster.

The same people that make Hipstamatic Photo App for the iPhone released a double exposure and randomizer for photos captured on the iphone.  For just $2.99, you can have as much fun as I have been having with this app.  Who says money can't buy happiness.   On top of that, make sure you enter your fantastic surrealist images into the contest by going here.  You may be luck enough to have John Waters say a few words about your image, and come on, who wouldn't want that.  Go here to get the app.  The reason it costs that much is you need to buy hipstamatic first, and the dali app is a plug-in.  Now for the clip: