Considering a New Camera Purchase . . . Look!

Some of you know this, but most of you don't.  Our good friends at Digital Photo Review have an awesome online comparison view of target images (with color, sharpness, and tonal shifts for accurate camera testing) using various cameras.  So if you are trying to decide between the Canon 7D and the new 60D you can see comparison shots of jpeg and Raw files, move to different areas, change ISO, and actually see the differences!  Amazing and extremely helpful. Notice the selection in the top left corner, you can move this to analyze different areas to concentrate on skin tones, color saturation, sharpness, etc.

Here is an example of the comparison view:

You can also download the images for more powerful comparisons in Photoshop of Lightroom.

Here is the Link: and use the drop down with the camera name to choose your camera model.  Have fun!