Mot du Jour! Green Photo Chemistry = Love for Earth

LegacyPro EcoPro products are designed for the the highest image quality and the lowest toxicity.

  • FREE of known carcinogens and mutagens
  • FREE of Metol, hydroquinone, borates and phosphates
  • FREE of non-biodegradable organic compounds: EDTA and DTPA
  • FREE of acetic acid, perfume and dye
  • Designed to shorten processing time and minimize water usage
  • Designed to minimize chemical wastage
  • Designed for highest archival standard
  • Allows creative controls such as image tone and toner response
  • Allows extended tray and shelf life

If you were wondering the archival quality, it's the same as chemically hazardous paper.  Although they argue that it's actually more archival because there is no chemical residues.

If you were wondering what developer its equative to, Kodak Xtol (which has always set the standard).

Does it cost more?  Yes.  About 20-30% more, but at least your not harming the planet, yourself, and doing a service to your images!  All chemistry available in premixed bottles, bulk gallon jugs, or in my favorite, powdered form.

Where to Buy:

DATA SHEETS FOR PROCESSING TIMES : click on appropriate links (i.e. developer, Stop, Fix times dependent on process and dilution, but you guys knew that already!)