Photographers Circle: Emily Shur

New section coming in which I highlight up-and-coming, hot stuff, buzz filled, talk of the town, photographers. First up.  Emily Shur.  LA, NYC, LONDON based photographer living the dream of shooting high end fine art and equally high end commercial on mostly on film.  Imagine that!  Her fine art has the usual characteristics of superb craftsmanship, control, and composition, but does so in an natural way despite the photos having unimaginable magnetism.  My favorite images are from her Japanese photo excursion called "Shizenkan" (a sampling follows).

In her commercial work, I love it all, but am mostly attracted to her peel away 4x5 polaroids of celebrities in both black and white and color (no there is no app for that).

She is the extremely rare fine photographer that really can do it all!  Go to her site and tell her how much you admire and are jealous.