Camera That Rates Your Pictures As You Take Them.

Now we wont need to think when we take photos.   When you snap a photo, the camera gives you a percentage approval rating from 0-100%, rating how aesthetically pleasing the photo is.  Keep in mind, the rating was created to fill a certain set of criteria which were coded by a few people, and therefore created with a limited mindset of what is pleasing to them.  A better approach would be if you could load your own photos into it and type in your own set of criteria as to what you find pleasing in photos and the rating system would be based off your own aesthetic.  Your answer, "but Carlos, that is what I already do when I take a photo, keep my own aesthetic in mind."  I say, "good answer."


Within pop culture and society artificial intelligence has been a topic that is approached with hope, fear, cynicism, curiousity and caution. However many intelligent devices have already been effortlessly absorbed into our culture and everyday lives. Currently under development, we will soon see devices and systems that have the ability to think creativly and infer beauty. As this novel technology improves and works its way into consumer devices, what effect will it have on individual preference and our creative process?

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