The Everyday iPhone Challenge

So in my workshops I preach to students the advantages of shooting a photo everyday.  Since I preach it, I'm gonna do it as well.   The following site is my dedicated iphone only site in which I will upload a new photo everyday, taken that day, and processed that day all done on the iphone.  If you do a flickr search, there are plenty of people doing this so by no means is this a new idea.  But I invite you all to do the same, cause a little birdie told me that their are a lot iphoneography exhibits coming to San Francisco this year, and yes, yours truly may help curate some of those shows.  Of course I like giving my students the upper hand.  All of you who follow this blog, keep me posted on your own iphone photography, and don't be afraid to send me your shots cause if I may just call on you to be in a show.  For now, here is my new iphone site: .  I am going to upload a bunch just from the last few days if the flickr auto upload works.  As always, enjoy photography!