Rayko's UV Unit Now Available For Rent!

Attention all you alt-process photo geeks, the UV unit you guys used in my classes is now available for rental in the BW3.  The dedicated Albumen and Kallitype Printing Nights are still in the works, but if you are itching to get in here and print here are the details:

Alternative Processes with Rayko’s UV Light source




Platinum (coming soon)

Cyanotype (coming soon)

Van Dyke (coming soon)


Hourly Rate:   $20.00 per hour for your use of the private UV darkroom (20% discount can be applied if you purchase a Rayko $200 credit in advance)


Minimum 2 hours

Included:  Dedicated trays for each process.

Not Included:  Carlos, chemicals, and paper.


Please Call 24 hours in advance to reserve the unit.  Strict Cancelation Policy of full charge for time reserved.  No Exceptions.


Digital Negative Making Service:  If you would like Rayko to print negatives on Pictorico, the rate is $30 sq/ft.


8x10 neg:   $16.66

11x14 neg: $32.08

16x24 neg: $80.00


Each negative is created with a curve for each particular porcess to be done on Rayko’s enlargers or UV Unit.  We are not responsible if the negative does not work correctly on your own equipment.  Curves or their creation are not included with the print order.