To Celebrate Their New Album, Radiohead do a TinType Portrait!

In case you didn't know because have been spending time as a coconut, Radiohead just released their new album, King of Limbs. The album is fantastic blend of experimental electronic beat driven rock while still being extremely accessible to the casual music listener (very hard to do).  Do yourself a favor and get it here.  More importantly, they had their new press photos done as Tintypes which is a process from the 1850's.  I will be teaching a workshop using your digital images to print using this highly coveted process, at my home base, Rayko Photo Center.  The photo was taken by British photographer Sebastian Edge.  How the rumor mill tells it is that Edge just happened to be taking photos in the woods when along comes the lead singer of Radiohead on a nature hike.  Sometimes good things do happen to photographers if when they hang out in the woods long enough. My Favorite off his site: