Featured Photographer: Micke Burge

I found this guy randomly on my free fall through the internet image archive of great photos.  His images struck me, and I love his description of how he got these photos.  Simply put, gaining access to the subjects you want to photograph, earning their trust, then working with what they emit to the best of your photographic ability (despite his family and working situation, which is a common excuse I get from photographers I know as reasons why they have a hard time creating (read below). In his words:

I live in modern world, a world where relationships aren't accorded much importance. There are ten good reasons to divorce, perhaps one to marry. I, of course, am divorced: I have children with two different woman. Two good women, mothers who together with me help provide a sense of order in our children's lives. . .

When I started to look around me I soon discovered that most of my friends lived in same way - week-on, week-off parenting. I was seized by a desire to find out how the children of today live in a city such as Stockholm.

In 1995 I began taking pictures of children in the city. I visited parks, walked the roads and back streets in search of children. The first thing I discovered is that the children of today play in custom-built play areas, supervised by day-care and recreation centre staff. Playing wild in the back garden is a mirage from the past.

After a while I established contact with the staff at Fröhuset recreation centre. These wonderful and highly competent people guided me into their children's world. I also accompanied those same children to their school - Södermalmskolan - where they attend two classes.

I was with these children for two years: a brilliant time when I was known by the nickname the 'Camera Man'. What I saw was hard - really hardworking - staff at both the recreation centre and school. I also witnessed the wearing down and exhausting that comes with bearing heavy responsibilities and having too much to do.

From his series "Children of Today"