New Reason to Buy iPad: NEW PHOTOSHOP APP (coming soon)

The writer of the website recently witnessed an exclusive of what Adobe has been working on.  New photoshop with layers, masking, and perspective distorting coming soon to the Apples iPad.  There is a current free version called PS mobile express which is free at the app store, but this version is supposed to be much more like real photoshop and you guessed it, will cost money.  How much?  If adobe is smart, they will follow Apples lead when they sold their premium programs (pages, numbers, keynote) for $9.99.  There are also rumors that Apple is working on an iPhoto Mobile which would be in direct competition with this Adobe app.  If I were to guess, I think Adobe will charge $19.99 for it and people will still buy it. Screen shots:

Notice layering in the bottom left in a new 3-d rendering mode, rather than what we know in photoshop.  Amazing.

Watch the video of the presentation here: