Featured Website: Time Magazine Photo Blog

Jessica H. Costanzo, one of my photography students, informed me of this great site. It is Time magazines extra photos and stories site. In a world of so much news and events being captured by so many great photograohers, pubkicatons are really struggling to get all that great imagery and drama out. Thanks to the internet, that is becoming less of a problem,unless people dont know about the site. This site is a great example of what the future of published media is about. Thanks for the tip, and sharing. If any of you have interesting sites you think would benefit fellow students, please, please just send me the link. Below some examples: this is not a macro shot of a decayed wall in San Francisco, but an amazing shot of recent Japan.


A series on the role of costumes in rituals.


Here is the site: http://lightbox.time.com/