Rayko's Photographer Friend Featured in Time Photo Blog

Justin Maxon, who is a bay area and New York based photographer who in my opinion is an emerging talent, is featured in Time photo blog that a student just told me about. This goes to prove what a small world the photo industry really is. Justin can be seen many times at Rayko scanning and printing, and currently has work up in Rayko's International Plastic Camera Show (currently up), and which he got the honorable mention nod (another opinion of mine, robbed of the best of show prize). Time magazine comissioned him to take photos of spring and this is an example of what he came up with. Breathtaking to say the least.


See the article and more images here: http://lightbox.time.com/2011/03/23/transition-to-spring-with-justin-maxon-2/#ixzz1I1IyZyjo

Justin's website: http://www.justinmaxon.com/