APPLE's WWDC 11 new iphone camera improvements: SHUTTER BUTTON!

Today was a big day for apple as they announced cloud syncing of media, a new operating system (LION), and improvements to the iOS system which runs in ipads, iphones, and ipod touches.  So why am I writing about this in a Photography blog made for students. Well, if you hold on, I will tell you:

1. during the presentation, this key graph was presented which I find very interesting. According to flickr, the iphone has the largest camera upload growth of any digital camera, and soon to be the most represented shots ever!

With the next iphone 5 having a 8 mega pixel camera that is faster at shooting multi-bursts it is only going to get better for apple, iphoneographers and app store users.

2.  This means that the dismenation of images is going to be more and more important.  Meaning not only uploading and sharing, but post processing at faster and faster speeds.  Possibly less and less photoshop and more and more apps that do things easier.  Adobe is already on this boat (see my photoshop mobile express post).

3. The most important thing is that this proves that if you carry your camera with you, your more prone to use it.  And more prone to share those images.  I find that a lot of students don't carry their camera as much as they should even though they sent thousands more than the cost of the iphone.  So, lets really people and get those nikon and canon numbers back up.

4. Really the most exciting thing for me was the camera imporvments in iOS5.  Below is a perfectly short summation of what they did from famed website Gizmodo.

I can't wait, but luckily it is only one month away as it is to be released in July.  Bad news for these guys: