New Image Sharing/Hosting Site:

Yet another way of sharing images with the world is gaining popularity via  Just like flickr, you can upload, tag, rate, sort, and share your images with the world.  What's the differences then?  They claim this is sharing for "Serious" or "Professional Photographers."  They are not catering to the Mom's and Pop's out there wanting to share little Elliot's first burp.  With a clean user interface that is mobile iOS HTML 5 ready, they want the real photographers to step up and present their best work on their site.  Great! Sign me up.  There must be some sort of criteria for acceptance into this "professional" image party.  Nope.  Anyone can sign-up.  Have fun all! To me it just looks like a clean Photo Facebook (especially with the like and not like buttons).  Ooooh! I'm just saying. Here is where to go:

Here is mine:

Here is an example: