Creative Hand of Photo Journalist Exposed! Ruben Salvadori's Great Photo Project.

This is really disturbing.  I try to tell photo enthusiasts of the possibility of how a tragic event, may not be depicted accurately.   A picture has the power to represent, enhance, and skew perception.  Sometimes the skew is so pronounced, you might not be able to truly know what your actually looking at?  This has been posed as a problem for quite some time in the subject of photojournalism which is supposed to represent truth. This project is really fantastic at opening the seams of this topic like I have never seen before. Exploring the ideas of the version or a version of a truth. Enjoy. [vimeo]

From Vimeo Website of Ruben Salvadori:

Presentation of Photojournalism Behind the Scenes, an auto-critical photo essay showing the paradoxes of conflict-image production and considering the role of the photographer in the events.

This project was awarded the Photodreaming Contest organized by Forma Foundation in which I was then selected by Denis Curti, the director of Contrasto (the major photo-agency in Italy, which represents Magnum's work in the country and for which the top Italian photographers work) to shoot an assignment for the prestigious agency. for publications or any other info and comment contact me at