Adobe + Apple + Barry the Hatchet = Adobe Carousel!

Adobe Carousel is an amazing photo syncing program for keeping your edited and not edited images synced across multiple apple devices.  It's like Adobe's version of iCloud, but better because you can update files on one device and they update everywhere, where iCloud would just make duplicates.  I am assuming that Adobe is using the same technologies they have been using for a while which syncs files from one adobe product across another.  For example, if you edit a photoshop file, then insert it into an Adobe Premiere video, and later reedit that same image, it auto updates in the Premiere project. Because they have been doing this for so long, I am really excited because I think Adobe Carousel will work seamlessly.  Here is the demo video: [youtube=]

When soon to be released Adobe Carousel comes out, it will only be available for Mac users and Android much later.