Color Correction Recommendation: X-Rite's Color Munki

X-Rite recently updated its product line for the color munki display and i1 display pro, for gaining accurate color representation in your digital images.  This is really important because you cannot accurately adjust color, if you are not sure you are even looking at your image's true initial color projection.  For example, if the image looks cold and blue to you, how do you know the image is actually blue, or if your monitor is adding a blue color cast?  You don't know unless you calibrate.  I love love love the color munki display, and at Rayko Photo Center, we just got the i1 display and have been getting amazing results.  The Munki is $189.00 and the i1 is $269.00.  Which to get?  If you are making a living off of photography you should have the i1, but if you are a prosumer to occasional photo money maker the Munki still works fantastic.  I would say it is about a 10% improvement for perfection between the two.  Click on the image below to see the Munki sales pitch video.  You should take a shot of tequila or espresso every time she says variations on the word "perfection." If that is too easy, try a shot every time she blinks.  Yes this is how I have fun. -  Carlos