Happy Holiday's Everyone!

Thank You All for keeping my dream alive of being the zaniest photo instructor in SF.  In 2011 I taught a couple of new classes, iPhone Capture and Process & Digital Negative to Tintype in addition to my usual repertoire which you all know.  In addition, 2011 was the year of the Platinum Print Process, as I spent many a weak late night struggles playing that out.  A big thank you to one of my awesome students Dave Schoenwald for helping me figure it out and getting the secret sauces from New Mexico.  Thank you to Ann Jastrab for being the resident go to expert on whether we were golden or not, and mostly shaking your head at Dave and I and saying, "it's ok, but it can be better."  When we finally got it, and we got the thumbs up from Master Platinum Printer Jastrab (master ppj), it was all the sweeter.  2011 was also the year of the Tintype, which was a both fun and exhausting and I would like to say thanks to my alt. process intern Emily Voigtlander for all the stellar plates she coated and for mixing those stinky raw eggs for the Albumen class.

In 2012, I hope to offer platinum printing as an affordable workshop with material kits to be sold at Rayko at reasonable rates. Also, the infamous Photoshop Level 2 or Photoshop For Professionals, not sure what to call it, may rear its airbrushed head out in the second quarter. In addition, if you have taken two or more of my classes, there is a special FREE printing session in the works for you guys (more on that later).  Thanks for sticking with me, reading this blog, and I hope to see you at Rayko Photo Center in 2012.

Happy Holidays, Keep Creating, & All the Best,