iPad 2 Accessories For Photographers

Congrats on your new iPad 2.  You will be using it for the web, watching movies, playing with fun photo and non-photo apps and much more.   But if your a photographer (and surely you are or you would not be reading this), you are going to be doing some pretty cool stuff with it.  Lets talk about some gear you may want to consider buying and why. 1. Camera Connection Kit -  If you want to buy Apple's own camera connection kit which attaches to the bottom of the dock near the home button of the iPad, you will only be able to connect SD cards (the small memory cards that go in DSLR's) or you will have to bring your USB cord to connect to the iPad via USB which will not allow you to shoot while things are downloading.  Drag.  However if you use SD cards then this is your best bet coming in at $29.

But if you have the 5D Mark ii or any other CF (compact flash big blocky data cards), don't buy this. Instead buy this,

It has the CF card reader and the USB in one unit rather than having to carry two little pieces around.  It costs $29, and you get it from micgadget.

2. Storage - you are gonna need to store your images and video you capture either with your iPhone or iPad.  Unless you went money bag spending and bought the 64gb iPad2, your gonna need to manage the data on your wonderful iPad.  Yes you could use the still buggy iCloud service or you can use flickr, 500px, picasa, etc. to upload via the internet, but that sucks up data usage on your celluar plan.  Instead I recommend using a portable hard drive for the iPad.  I know what your saying,

a. I don't wanna carry something else around or b. What, shut up that is awesome I didn't know that existed.

In either case, you should consider this awesome option.  The Seagate GoFlex Satellite ($199) for 500gb or the HyperDrive ColorSpace for the iPad2 ($399).

Both devices are wireless and create a secure password protected network so you can stream items from the hard drives.  The major difference is the Hyperdrive has a screen  and you operate it like a beefy iPod which lets you manage your content on the go on the actual device.  The GoFlex has a free app that you can manage your content through the iPad2.  There is a slight lag when doing this on the GoFlex but the $200 difference doesn't justify it for me.  The cool factor of seeing your images coming off the data card then editing before putting them on the iPad nice, but again, still not worth the high price tag to me.  What is the kicker is you can put a data card directly into the Hyperdrive and you have the images ready for editing on the iPad.

The real bummer (at least for now, update is rumored to be in the works) of both is that you cannot transfer data from an iPhone or an iPad to either device unless you have a computer.  So basically, what you would use this for is carrying a bunch of images with you that when you have the time you can edit or view without using your data space on your iPad.