Canon 5d Mark iii DSLR - Let the Pandemonium Ensue!

I was about to go to sleep and just doing my one millionth email check of the day when beep, new message from Adorama about da da dum, the pre-order of the Canon 5d Mark iii.  Yes, this is the predecessor to the infamous Canon 5d Mark ii.  I don't have access (though I should right) to this camera yet, but based on the specs, new higher iso ( ISO 25600) means even more crazy night and low light photos.  Light painters rejoice!  The terrible terrible auto focus of the Mark ii is fixed which is another prayer to the photo gods answered.  I can't wait to use one, but at $3499.00 I'm gonna need some help.  So if any of you out there want to contribute to the get Carlos Arrieta a 5d Mark iii fund, I'm now taking donations! Click on image below to reserve yours.

- Carlos