How a DSLR camera works . . . according to Canon!

To mark the beginning of the end of DSLR's, yes you heard it here first. . . we should all learn how they work before this beloved type of camera goes the way of the Laser Disc or CD's.  The latter is more appropriate since people still have CD's and use them, but not to the dominating level they used to.  The DSLR is on that path as sales continue to plummet, and smaller cameras like the iPhone continues to dominate.  Don't think so.  Here are a few small bites to chew over . . . Lytro camera which captures data in a way to let you choose focus later or iPhone with RAW capabilities shooting 12mp. . . or an iPhone with both Lytro technology and RAW.  Hum . . . next couple of years are going to be interesting for sure for DSLR's. Until then, enjoy the video.