Photoshop Touch Updated!

So finally Adobe got with the program and updated its now infamous iPad/iPad 2 only app Photoshop Touch by making full resolution output possible for up to 10 layers. Previously, the app only output low res versions of your tweaked images which lead users to remark, "what's the point."   With that solved we can now go merrily back to working in photoshop while on the bus, plane, or yacht.  While sipping those pink lemonades, we can now also all go back to wondering why Photoshop CS6 is still so expensive?   I recently read an article that stated that more money is made from Photoshop how to magazines and books because people buy those after they pirate (steal) the software. Everyone I talk to says that it is utterly breathtaking, and not at all in the good way.  Please Adobe, make your software more affordable. You will sell more product and gain happy loyal users.  . . -Carlos