JPEG's Not So Bad

What the heck is a jpeg file.  Well we all know it is a lossy compressed image file that is a lower quality version of the a full res image file.  We also all know that we could have better quality by shooting photographs in RAW, CR2, NEF, DNG, process and export as TIFF or PSD files.  But here are a couple of ideas you may not know about dear friends. 1. jpeg actually stands for: Joint Photographic Expert Group

2. jpegs are useful for mobility in giving your images the ability to travel across the internets, emails, and to family members who don't know what the heck RAW means except when it comes to BBQ in the SUN.

3. JPEG 2000 is a newer less lossy format.  That's right.  Those of you that love jpeg's, things just got improved for you, a lot.   New compression algorithms, color handling, and sensors mean better jpegs result. Check out this article on that idea:

and if you don't want to read, at least scroll down to the example comparisons they have between ol'JPEG and NewbieJPEG. I like what I see, iPhone 5 file format support anyone?  Just saying it might be a good idea Apple.

4. You can have a JPEG necklace.  Photo JOJO makes this awesome bling for you JPEG lovers out there.

Remember , don't get down on your jpegs . . . they have feelings too.  - Carlos