Little Big Man Gallery/Books: Nobuyoshi Araki Book Release Event!

Nobuyoshi Araki's photography book is being released by Little Big Man and it is called Past Tense - Future, 1979-2040 (images of the book below).  If you want to buy the limited edition, your too late cause they sold out!  But if you want the regular edition for $325, they still have those here: Little Big Man Books.  

Book Details: Nobuyoshi Araki is perhaps the most prolific photographer of all time, yet all the while, he remains best known in the West for much of his highly charged and provocative nude works. From high art, through to commercial commissions, fashion shoots, and vivid still lifes, the scale of Araki’s range of work is unsurpassed. In addition to his chameleonic capacity for stylistic variances, Araki’s emotional approach also runs the gamut. Often displaying a wicked sense of humour, Araki is also notable for a distinct humanistic vein of sentimentality that has spanned his career. A profound example is the documentation of his relationship with his wife, capturing the euphoria and lust of their honeymoon through to the sadness and longing resulting from her decline and untimely death from cancer. Always present is entire spectrum of emotions—urge, love, elation, loss, and grief—essentially the spectrum of life captured on the page.

EVENT DETAILS (you should totally go!): 

His work is up from July 26- September 8, 2012

Opening Reception: Thursday, July 26, 2012 from 6-9pm.  234 Ritch St. San Francisco, CA 94107.