The Social-Matic : New Polaroid Digital Camera That Prints From the Camera

Yes folks, not only is it a 14 mp camera, it has wi-fi/bluetooth to upload to social networks (mostly Instagram since the camera is a ripoff design of their logo).  As you would expect from a polaroid camera, your images can also be printed 2x3 inch images using zink technology (zero ink - zink - get it). This is done using embedded crystals in the paper that can be heated by the camera to produce the RGB color space and ultimately all of our wonderful food snaps and selfies.  I can't wait to get my hands on one . . . I'm practicing on my iPhone until then. Official Website:

03_Socialmatic_041 03_Socialmatic_051 instagram-socialmatic-camera-3


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Dom from did this awesome video interview at CES 2014:



Here is Polaroids concept video to get people excited.



I think it fails because its like it is trying to introduce a new Mac Pro, rather than a the cute little camera that they are trying to sell, what do you think?

Here is said video of the Mac Pro:




SNAP! Did I call it or what.  If you are not at work, or there are no people around to annoy, you should play both videos at the same time . . . it will make you laugh or at least smile.

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