Glass Key Photo: Website Finally Up!

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Glass Key Photo is a specialty "all things film/traditional" shop in Lower Height in San Francisco, California.  They are inside of 4x5 Gallery in case your trying to find it from the street.

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This is where I get most of my film (when I don't get it for free) and where I send my alternative process students for materials.  If you have never been, check 'em out.  Don't tell them I sent you though, cause they will mark up the prices . . . everybody hates me!

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Bring Your Photos Home: Instagram through Instaport

Today I felt like making a digital book of a series of images I had going through instagram called Avedon Plants.  Basically a series of plants, flowers, and the like shot as though Avedon shot them. Fun right!  But before I could even begin, I had an issue that never bugged me until today.  I want my Instagram photos on my computer.  Well is an awesome free solution (through you can donate some dollars to the developer).  All you do is go to their website, here, and login using your instagram credentials.  Then decide if you want them to you to your facebook/flickr, or download them as a zip.  I have thousands of instagram images and it took less than 5 minutes to bring those stranded pups home.  Highly recommend it! KPF - Keep Photography Fun


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BBC Photo Slide Show: Human Planet

A student/friend of mine recently sent me this interesting slide show depicting people living in extreme conditions, the photographers that seek the images to tell their stories, and the humanity that shines through.  Make sure you turn on the captions button on the bottom right of the view window.  Check it out here: Example:

Bald Alien Has An Architectural Photo Blog!

Bald Alien aka famous nineties electronic musician Moby is quite the photo blogger. This totally reflects the multi dimensionality creative people tend to have.  People are not just musicians, they are also writers, painters, photographers, and dabble in video.  I'm all for the creative explosion of the internet as it truly inspires all of us to be more creative and push things even further. Check out his Los Angeles inspired architecturally driven photo blog here: Here is a taste of Moby's work (yes, this is in L.A. - amazing what you'll find when you wander with a camera in hand). - Carlos

You down with WPD? Yeah, you know me!

Somebody remember to remind me next year about this one.  Supposedly, yesterday was WPD aka World Photography Day!  Geez you didn't know either.  Funny that.  So next year lets do this one right.  Luckily, I was kinda celebrating WPD by making Tintypes with a group of my lucky students.  What's a tintype? Some wacky photo process I do.  Go here to see those adventures. Go here for more info on WPD.  You can submit to the open submission gallery until the 25th of August.  I did, you should too.

New Image Sharing/Hosting Site:

Yet another way of sharing images with the world is gaining popularity via  Just like flickr, you can upload, tag, rate, sort, and share your images with the world.  What's the differences then?  They claim this is sharing for "Serious" or "Professional Photographers."  They are not catering to the Mom's and Pop's out there wanting to share little Elliot's first burp.  With a clean user interface that is mobile iOS HTML 5 ready, they want the real photographers to step up and present their best work on their site.  Great! Sign me up.  There must be some sort of criteria for acceptance into this "professional" image party.  Nope.  Anyone can sign-up.  Have fun all! To me it just looks like a clean Photo Facebook (especially with the like and not like buttons).  Ooooh! I'm just saying. Here is where to go:

Here is mine:

Here is an example:

Featured Website: Time Magazine Photo Blog

Jessica H. Costanzo, one of my photography students, informed me of this great site. It is Time magazines extra photos and stories site. In a world of so much news and events being captured by so many great photograohers, pubkicatons are really struggling to get all that great imagery and drama out. Thanks to the internet, that is becoming less of a problem,unless people dont know about the site. This site is a great example of what the future of published media is about. Thanks for the tip, and sharing. If any of you have interesting sites you think would benefit fellow students, please, please just send me the link. Below some examples: this is not a macro shot of a decayed wall in San Francisco, but an amazing shot of recent Japan.


A series on the role of costumes in rituals.


Here is the site:

Featured Website: Lens Culture

They describe it perfectly: Lens Culture is an online magazine celebrating international contemporary photography, art, media, and world cultures. Discover photography from all continents and various points of view: documentary, fine art, photojournalism, poetic, personal, abstract, human, and street photography. Read essays, analysis and criticism about photography and culture. Listen to audio/video interviewswith more than 40 photographers. Enjoy reviews of exhibitions and photo books. Buy very cool 21st century photography at our online store. Lens Culture attracts visitors from more than 100 countries every day.

Everything on their site is fantastic, but be sure to check out the World Press Photo Winners, How (not) to photograph a black dog, Young Emerging European Photographers sections at the very least.  Some examples below:

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