Funny Image From Etsy

Etsy sent me an email on how to do better email marketing.  No surprise, one of the best things to entice people to visit your site is good photographs.  In that email, the following photo was enclosed which I thought was fun, interesting, and worth sharing. CoolPosterI always knew Abraham and I had a lot in common.

Click Click Click Boom -



Historical Image III

Something special for today . . . Glass Plate Negatives from deep in the Rayko Vault of Photo Love. Because these are shy, I can only tease them one by one, then if you treat them right, they might give themselves to you. These are the Fiona Apple of photography, not the Miley Cyrus of photography which I guess would be iPhone images. Screen shot 2013-11-26 at 4.24.42 PM

Click on the Image to see it lager.  Totally.

Speaking of Fiona Apple, wetplate images on glass, and children photos, anyone else think Fiona Apple and Sally Mann look like they could be related?



Keep it Cray!


Video: Photography Clients in the Real World

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to transfer the clients we creatives face into other professional avenues?  This funny video perfectly illustrates the absurdity of being a creative professional in 2012.  Sadly, I experience this sort of behavior on a daly basis.  Pray for me people, pray for me. "cow"



Stock Photography Can Be Funny!

If you have ever experienced the torture of looking through stock photography for good source files to use in design (like when you really need a soccer player kicking a teddy bear into a ficus plant for that company picnic flyer), you will really appreciate this video.  If not . . . it's still funny.  If you don't feel like laughing . . . ignore this and move along.


- C -

This feels familiar!

Apple has new ads running during the olympics, but this one is like the life of all skilled designers/creatives not just apple genius employees. Especially accurate is the fact that after completion, there is only a brief moment of enjoyment before the next major design, photography, or in this case, keynote presentation is needed to be hastily made. [youtube]

Joe Klamar took these awfully awesome official images of the USA olympic team.  It takes a lot of skill to make world class athletes look bad.  I feel sorry for the guy, but he has gotten a lot of press for his mishap and ill preparation. Here is his official explanation:

"I was under the impression that I was going to be photographing athletes on a stage or during press conference where I would take their headshots for our archives," he explained. "I really had no idea that there would be a possibility for setting up a studio." It was the first time AFP had been invited to participate in the U.S. Olympic Committee's Media Summit, which was held this year, in May, at a Hilton Hotel in Dallas.

Joe had come armed with two cameras and three lenses (17-35, 70-200 and 300), plus one flash and a 12-inch laptop. To his horror, he saw upon arriving that his colleagues from other news agencies and media organizations had set up studio booths with professional lights, backdrops and prop assistants. "It was very embarrassing to find out that I wouldn't be able to take advantage of a studio," Joe told us by email.

A press officer from the U.S. Olympic Committee took pity on Joe, and helped him convince another photographer to share booth space.

Here are a sampling of the images which make me laugh and upset at exactly the same time.  How is that possible?

Confused Carlos

Cloth! - A New Reason To Take Pictures of Yourself

The Cloth iPhone app is a quirky little idea.  When you got a good clothing ensemble going, snap a picture of yourself and catalog it.  Next time your stuck trying to decide what to wear, just check that archive.  Time saved! I won't begin to judge what type of person would use this app, needless to say, I just downloaded my copy of it.  Below is the promo video, and you can get the app here 

[vimeo w=400&h=300]

Potlandia Photoshoot Fun!

Hey guys, in case you have never seen an episode of Portlandia, you should check it out.  Here is a teaser . . . and yes, some photo shoots are like this sometimes.  My favorite part is when the subjects say "make us look skinny."  If only I had a quarter for every time I heard that . . . enjoy. [youtube=]

Soap Box thoughts on DSLR Video + Reality Check = Funny Video

I always get people asking me if I shoot video on my Canon 5d Mark II , and people are always surprised when I say . . . Super Rarely/ No.  I'm not a director, I'm a photographer.  I'm comfortable saying that and most people should be too.  If your not, and think simply getting the camera is all it takes, this video is a splash of cold water. [vimeo]

Here is the video he's speaking of in case you missed this excitement about 2years ago


Here is the Behind the Scenes Helicopter Capture


Here is an image that shows what you would need to do it right (thanks to DSLRvideorigs blog).  Uh . . . Like another $10,000.00 worth of gear, easy.

Here is a great resource if you are still crazy enough to want to do this:


Retro Photo Effects in Facebook.

Gizmodo wrote an awesome article on this new idea that team Facebook came up with when they couldn't buy Hipstamatic, we'll just steal the idea and do it anyway (in typical Facebook maneuver).  Everyone get ready for a new flood of tricked out retro effected photos . . . of things that shouldn't be expressed that way.  Read the Gizy article here.

Funny Photo Site!

Recently I was called a military drill instructor in terms of how hard I push my students in my classes.  In my defense, that is exactly what I was going for so I'm glad I'm coming off clearly.  Tough love, to push people out of their comfort zone to get them to develop as artist and take them to a next level.  I never claimed my classes or my teaching style was "feel good," but more technically driven to give to give people their money's worth.  So, in response, I am now going to be teaching much more loosely, and my aim is now to create photos similar to the images found here.  They speak for themselves as being all kinds of awesome.  Enjoy.

This is not easy to do.