Printed Project: Joaquim Paiva Portfolio

“The negative is the score, and the print the performance.” - Ansel Adams I recently completed printing an edition of 24 images, 50cm x50cm, prints for longtime photographer and artist Joaquim Paiva.  I'm honored to have taken the project from scan, to retouch, to color correct, to print. He is very pleased with the digital representation and output of this great work.  To see more of his work, visit his site at:



Class Completed: Digital Negative to Silver Gelatin

Just finished teaching a group of enthusiastic students how to take their digital images and print them as traditional darkroom silver gelatin prints.  It was a lot of fun! It will be offered again at Rayko Photo Center, San Francisco.  Look out for it!  On a related note, I am now working on a compensation curve that will allow crazy people like me to print Mural Size silver gelatin prints from low res digital capture or really dense negs. Currently trouble shooting it with Luis Mendoza (his image below). Oh possibilities.



You down with QPT, yeah you know me!

Ok, some of you out there don't know what a QPT is.  A QPT is a new series of postings that will give you Quick Photoshop Tips.  Get it.  So lets get rolling. 1. For beginners who cant read the small font that photoshop presents us with (tiny tiny panels), you can make the font size bigger.  This is also a major comfort necessity if you are on a laptop.

Go to General > Preferences >  Interface, and the bottom you have the choice of Small (default), Medium, and Big.  When you make the change, you have to restart photoshop to see it in action.

Here is what they look like small to big:


Clearly, everyone should just choose big!  I know, where is the wow factor in this tip. But you know what they say, "it's the little things in life."

- C -

RAM Explanation (CNET) and How to Upgrade Your Mac!

RAM (random access memory) is crucial to making all your programs run fast, especially if you design, do photoshop, or video edit.  CNET is a staple for technology news and guidance, and I found this great article on RAM  and what apple machines are upgradeable to top tier performance.  By that I mean, the  brand new precious is the Mac Pro with Retina Display.

Sure the display is really nice, but something to drool over other than pretty pixels is the capability to put 16gb of RAM into a laptop to make it really fast.  Yes, true beauty is on the inside.  On Apple's site, you can only upgrade the Retina Mac to 16 gb, all other models are only allowed to 8 gb (retina mac upgrade screen  below)

However, as you will learn in the CNET article, there are a lot of Mac laptops that can be boosted to 16gb. If your interested, then the start of the article is below, and just click on the image or link to go to read the rest of the article.  Below that is a link on where to buy the RAM and not pay $600, but $160 instead, finally ending with an install video from Other Worldly Computing which shows you scaredy cats how easy it is to do.  FYI, I'm also available to do it for you for $400, New York trip money, but come on, it's more fun if you do it yourself.

Your Welcome,

- C -

Click above or go here for the rest of the article and to see which Mac Laptops are Compatible: CNET

LINK on where to buy the 16gb or at least upgrade from 4gb to 8gb of RAM:

Tutorial Video on installation

Have a different Mac other than than the 13"mac pro, then go here:

Free Instagram Actions for Photoshop! - Thanks Daniel Box

So I'm late to the whole adding instagram effects to pro res images party because I felt that instagram is meant for iPhone shooting so why make those same retro effects on the computer?  Right? Nope, wrong.  People love love love these effects and there is no slowing down of this love in sight.

Because I'm fashionably late, I've brought party favors!  A student of mine recently asked me how to get these effects, and it actually takes a lot of Photoshop knowledge to get them.  Luckily, Daniel Box of dbox has created them as actions and gives them away for free on his website. Here is how you insert them into your Photoshop CS5 or 6.

1.  Download the actions here:

2. Go to your applications folder on your computer, and find the Adobe Photoshop folder  which has a presets folder.  In that folder there is an actions folder.  Place your downloaded folder from Daniel Box there.

3.  Launch Photoshop with an image.

4. Go to your Actions Panel.  If it is not open, go to window at the top of the screen and drop down to actions to bring it up.

5. Find the Instagram Set.  Single click your Instagram effect.

6.  With it highlighted (due to the single click you just did), hit the little triangle at the bottom of the actions panel.  It looks like a play button, which is for playing or running actions.

7.  Notice that there are even actions for the retro boarders as well.

8. Don't forget to thank Daniel at his blog for the retro mayhem you are about throw out into the world.

There you have it folks.  As if there weren't enough instagram retro photo styled images out there, now we can make even more of them!

Insta - Party!- Carlos