Student + Instructor Show at Rayko Photo Center

Student Instructor ShowAs many of you know, I am a photography/print making instructor at Rayko Photo Center, San Francisco.  I am pleased to announce that Rayko is currently having a Student/Teacher show which highlights work made by each party.  My piece is titled Obstacles and it is a 4"x5" Tintype.  I'm more proud of what my students made . . . Kaden K. has a few tintypes, John F. has a wonderful digital print, Dave S. has a Platinum Palladium Print, as well as many more.  Please stop by and see the great work! Happy Viewing - C -

NOTE: Rayko is currently closed until January 2, but the show will be up until the 11th.

Photography Show: Rayko Photo Center


Rayko Photo Center (RPC) San Francisco is showcasing their artist in residence work for a few weeks only.  These artist were financially sponsored by RPC to create a new body of work geared to further their particular artistic vision.  The show is the culmination of that collaboration between the facility and local artist. Check it out!

TONIGHT : Kevin Kunishi Opening Reception at Rayko Photo Center!


Yours truly had the honor of working with gifted photographer Kevin Kunishi on both his amazing first book and the large prints for the exhibition opening tonight at Rayko Photo Center.  This work is near to me not only because of my participation, but more because I'm tied to its content. My family and I are from Nicaragua, and we left because of it. Not only did it effect the political systems of many countries, including the U.S., it adversely affected families, lives, and futures in ways we are still struggling to figure out.  This work is not only exemplary photographic work but is strongly important and meaningful for the many generations of people effected by this revolutions riff in time. Please support Kevin's work by coming to the show tonight or buying his newly released book.

Signed Copies of the Book (limited) here: BOOK

For a Good Time See Some Man Ray at the Legion of Honor


Not only one of my favorite photographers, but overall artist, Man Ray is being celebrated at the Legion of Honor in San Francisco through October. It is a must see.  By the way, he is part of the what inspired RayKo (get it?).  In true surreal fashion, it's not supposed to make complete sense.

Details Here: Legion of Honor


Cindy Sherman At the MOMA SF

Just a reminder to all you photo enthusiast to go see the Cindy Sherman show at SF MOMA.  Check out the crazy clown time, it is boat loads of fun.  I saw the show when it was at NYC MOMA, and seeing it at SF MOMA just reminds me how small SF is compared to NY because they couldn't fit the same amount of images in the show here. -C-

Also, check out my previous post about Cindy Sherman Here:

Little Big Man Gallery/Books: Nobuyoshi Araki Book Release Event!

Nobuyoshi Araki's photography book is being released by Little Big Man and it is called Past Tense - Future, 1979-2040 (images of the book below).  If you want to buy the limited edition, your too late cause they sold out!  But if you want the regular edition for $325, they still have those here: Little Big Man Books.  

Book Details: Nobuyoshi Araki is perhaps the most prolific photographer of all time, yet all the while, he remains best known in the West for much of his highly charged and provocative nude works. From high art, through to commercial commissions, fashion shoots, and vivid still lifes, the scale of Araki’s range of work is unsurpassed. In addition to his chameleonic capacity for stylistic variances, Araki’s emotional approach also runs the gamut. Often displaying a wicked sense of humour, Araki is also notable for a distinct humanistic vein of sentimentality that has spanned his career. A profound example is the documentation of his relationship with his wife, capturing the euphoria and lust of their honeymoon through to the sadness and longing resulting from her decline and untimely death from cancer. Always present is entire spectrum of emotions—urge, love, elation, loss, and grief—essentially the spectrum of life captured on the page.

EVENT DETAILS (you should totally go!): 

His work is up from July 26- September 8, 2012

Opening Reception: Thursday, July 26, 2012 from 6-9pm.  234 Ritch St. San Francisco, CA 94107.  


Not Kansas: New Show At Rayko Photo Center

As you all know, I'm tied to Rayko in unimaginable ways so I have to promote when they have a great new show up.  Starting tomorrow, there is a fantastic show at the NEW RAYKO.  It features great work from the  printing master, Chris McCaw, and a featured PDN photographer (see below) Alison Carey, and much more.  In addition, one of my new favorite photographers, SheSaidRed, has a bunch of new work in the Crafted at Rayko side gallery.  It's a new thing Rayko is trying out, highlighting work that is being made at our wonderful facility.  Examples that don't compare to seeing the prints in real life are just below:  

Here is a note from the beloved Gallery Director of Rayko, Ann Jastrab:

Hello photographers and friends of photography,

I'm almost finished installing this great show, "Not Kansas: photographers explore their own worlds." Stop by RayKo between 6-8pm tomorrow to see original works by Elisabeth Ajtay, Tami Bone, Alison Carey, Christopher Colville, Jeremy Dyer, German Herrera, Tomiko Jones, Chris McCaw, Robin Robinson, and Curtis Wehrfritz. Everything from ambrotypes, daguerreotypes,  and gelatin silver prints, to chromogenic prints and beyond. You'll definitely feel like you're not in Kansas anymore. Here's a link to the PDN photo of the day today which will give you a sneak peek at one of the works in the show:
The side gallery also features great local talent: shesaidred, David Beck, Cynthia King, and Jordan Joel Pennock. Many of the artists will be in attendance so come meet them and have a glass of wine. Street parking is free after 6 and the Giants are playing out of town. Hope to see you all Thursday. If you can't make it this week, the exhibition will be up through August 31st.
Looking forward,

Pier 24 - New Exhibit: About Face

From Pier 24 about their current show:

Pier 24 Photography presents About Face, an exhibition focusing on the tradition of portrait-based photography. On view are nearly one thousand photographs drawn primarily from the Pilara Foundation's permanent collection. Revelations - the Diane Arbus retrospective at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art - inspired the purchase of the Foundation's first photograph, a portrait from her challenging and emotive Untitled series. The emotional intensity characterizing this photograph has informed subsequent acquisitions for the collection. 

If you have no idea what Pier 24 is, it is a magical place that no words can describe.  If I were to try, breathtaking, inspiring, a real treat, must see, like, and thumbs up times ten.  If you have never gone, you should go to experience the space, which is one of the best art modern photo galleries that exist.  Plus it is free!  Go here to reserve a spot:


ReGeneration Show

Bay Area known photographers Luis Delgado, Rachel Phillips, and more are having a generational gap show this Saturday, Aug 13 at a.muse gallery from 5:30-9pm.  It is like a fine art photography battle/dialogue as to where established versus emerging photographers are paired side by side on the gallery wall.