Must have iPhone Photography App: KitCam

kitcam I'm starting a new series of posts that highlight and/or review iphone photography apps.  To start this party right, lets talk about a brand new app called KitCam ($1.99). Yes, it gives you plenty of awesome retro photo effects, color skews, light leaks, and frame choices, and as impressive as those things might be, there are lots of other reasons for getting this app.

Top 3 things I love that aren't obvious:

1. Seamless integration with PhotoForge2 ($3.99) which is one of the best photo editing apps (think of it as photoshop on your phone.)

2. Live editing of Exposure and White Balance! - Yes, as you see your image on the screen, if it is too bright or dark, you can change the exposure using a slider before you take the image.  The same goes with the white balance, adjust while in the midst of shooting.

3. All effects, retro, blurs, etc. and all editing changes before exposure can be live previewed and shot when doing video also.

Additional amazing features:

Advanced Meta Data, Easy Sharing Options, and Non Destructive Editing:



Screen Shot 2012-12-02 at 2.48.53 PM


The above statement is actually fantastically done in KitCam.  For example, if you apply retro effects to the image before taking the photo, then decide you don't want it, you can remove it afterwards, and better yet, switch it up to a different effect as well.

For further reasons to buy the app, visit the companies website:


1. Buying for retro effects costs more money.

2. Cannot load an image from a previously taken photo into CamKit, but the developer says it is coming.

If you have any questions about the app, feel free to ask in the comments section.


New Reason to Look Good on the Streets! reports that fashion photographers are taking to the streets to capture new styles to build their portfolios by shooting people on the street using their Apple iPhones. The article reads that photographers are claiming a jump in views of their images and traffic on their websites with these casual captures.  Interesting? Read the Article Here:

Here is an example:

Photo by Mal Sherlock