Featured Photographer: Emma Powell

Good friends at the wet plate collodion group on FB have recently reminded me of this great photographer who not only does beautiful tintype wet plates, but also other alternative processes.  Rayko Photo Center (RPC) recently had  the image below in our gallery (which sold if remember correctly). What inspires in Powell's work is the dream like aesthetic, their quiet yet chaotic mood, and her ability to create memorable images with simple objects.  Yet what I like most about her work, is that the alternative process she chooses to implore takes a back seat to the content.  Meaning, it never is just about the process, but about using its attributes to enhance the mood and ideas expressed.  In a lot of the alt process work I see, it is a celebration of the process, not image making.  Emma Powell has a handle on the right directions in using alternative processes and she should be applauded for it.

Her website: http://www.emmapowellphotography.com/

Example Images:

You down with WPD? Yeah, you know me!

Somebody remember to remind me next year about this one.  Supposedly, yesterday was WPD aka World Photography Day!  Geez you didn't know either.  Funny that.  So next year lets do this one right.  Luckily, I was kinda celebrating WPD by making Tintypes with a group of my lucky students.  What's a tintype? Some wacky photo process I do.  Go here to see those adventures. Go here for more info on WPD.  You can submit to the open submission gallery until the 25th of August.  I did, you should too.