Sally Mann: Thoughts on Instagram

Screen Shot 2013-08-13 at 7.41.21 PMScreen Shot 2013-08-13 at 7.41.42 PM American Photo did an interview in October of 2012 with Sally Mann.  What is she up to through thoughts on the state of modern photography including Instagram.  Interesting if you like her. Above are some of her tintype self portraits.  If you are inspired by her work, I am teaching a tintype in camera workshop this starting this Saturday at Rayko Photo Center, SF.

Keep'n it Classy,


Photography Show: Rayko Photo Center


Rayko Photo Center (RPC) San Francisco is showcasing their artist in residence work for a few weeks only.  These artist were financially sponsored by RPC to create a new body of work geared to further their particular artistic vision.  The show is the culmination of that collaboration between the facility and local artist. Check it out!

Gallery Show: Michael Starkman

Bay Area based and photo friend Michael Starkman is having a show at Photo Gallery Oakland of his beautiful silver gelatin prints that are really a treat to see. Below is my favorite image from the series.




Sacred Grove is an intimate portrait of the Mendocino Woodlands, a second growth forest of redwood and bay laurel in Northern California. Felled by loggers 100 years ago and then ravaged by fire, the Woodlands manifests Nature’s capacity for self-renewal, a lesson in the reestablishment of ecological balance surrounding still visible scars of destruction. Starkman has photographed to broaden his knowledge of this land, to deepen his connection with its spirit, and to glimpse the timeless sacred.

As part of Art Gallery Week, PHOTO will host an Artist’s Reception on Saturday, October 6, 2:00-4:00pm, with a talk by Michael Starkman at 3:00.

Featured Photographer: Emma Powell

Good friends at the wet plate collodion group on FB have recently reminded me of this great photographer who not only does beautiful tintype wet plates, but also other alternative processes.  Rayko Photo Center (RPC) recently had  the image below in our gallery (which sold if remember correctly). What inspires in Powell's work is the dream like aesthetic, their quiet yet chaotic mood, and her ability to create memorable images with simple objects.  Yet what I like most about her work, is that the alternative process she chooses to implore takes a back seat to the content.  Meaning, it never is just about the process, but about using its attributes to enhance the mood and ideas expressed.  In a lot of the alt process work I see, it is a celebration of the process, not image making.  Emma Powell has a handle on the right directions in using alternative processes and she should be applauded for it.

Her website:

Example Images:

Not Kansas: New Show At Rayko Photo Center

As you all know, I'm tied to Rayko in unimaginable ways so I have to promote when they have a great new show up.  Starting tomorrow, there is a fantastic show at the NEW RAYKO.  It features great work from the  printing master, Chris McCaw, and a featured PDN photographer (see below) Alison Carey, and much more.  In addition, one of my new favorite photographers, SheSaidRed, has a bunch of new work in the Crafted at Rayko side gallery.  It's a new thing Rayko is trying out, highlighting work that is being made at our wonderful facility.  Examples that don't compare to seeing the prints in real life are just below:  

Here is a note from the beloved Gallery Director of Rayko, Ann Jastrab:

Hello photographers and friends of photography,

I'm almost finished installing this great show, "Not Kansas: photographers explore their own worlds." Stop by RayKo between 6-8pm tomorrow to see original works by Elisabeth Ajtay, Tami Bone, Alison Carey, Christopher Colville, Jeremy Dyer, German Herrera, Tomiko Jones, Chris McCaw, Robin Robinson, and Curtis Wehrfritz. Everything from ambrotypes, daguerreotypes,  and gelatin silver prints, to chromogenic prints and beyond. You'll definitely feel like you're not in Kansas anymore. Here's a link to the PDN photo of the day today which will give you a sneak peek at one of the works in the show:
The side gallery also features great local talent: shesaidred, David Beck, Cynthia King, and Jordan Joel Pennock. Many of the artists will be in attendance so come meet them and have a glass of wine. Street parking is free after 6 and the Giants are playing out of town. Hope to see you all Thursday. If you can't make it this week, the exhibition will be up through August 31st.
Looking forward,