Glass Key Photo: Website Finally Up!

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Glass Key Photo is a specialty "all things film/traditional" shop in Lower Height in San Francisco, California.  They are inside of 4x5 Gallery in case your trying to find it from the street.

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This is where I get most of my film (when I don't get it for free) and where I send my alternative process students for materials.  If you have never been, check 'em out.  Don't tell them I sent you though, cause they will mark up the prices . . . everybody hates me!

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San Francisco & Los Angeles Historical Project

Rayko Photo Center has a great negative archive of historical photographs which they eventually want to sell reproduction prints of.  Unfortunately, the negatives have just sat and collected dust throughout the years.  Guess who is gonna just get it done? Here is the 0001



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Sally Mann: Thoughts on Instagram

Screen Shot 2013-08-13 at 7.41.21 PMScreen Shot 2013-08-13 at 7.41.42 PM American Photo did an interview in October of 2012 with Sally Mann.  What is she up to through thoughts on the state of modern photography including Instagram.  Interesting if you like her. Above are some of her tintype self portraits.  If you are inspired by her work, I am teaching a tintype in camera workshop this starting this Saturday at Rayko Photo Center, SF.

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Class Completed: Digital Negative to Silver Gelatin

Just finished teaching a group of enthusiastic students how to take their digital images and print them as traditional darkroom silver gelatin prints.  It was a lot of fun! It will be offered again at Rayko Photo Center, San Francisco.  Look out for it!  On a related note, I am now working on a compensation curve that will allow crazy people like me to print Mural Size silver gelatin prints from low res digital capture or really dense negs. Currently trouble shooting it with Luis Mendoza (his image below). Oh possibilities.



TONIGHT : Kevin Kunishi Opening Reception at Rayko Photo Center!


Yours truly had the honor of working with gifted photographer Kevin Kunishi on both his amazing first book and the large prints for the exhibition opening tonight at Rayko Photo Center.  This work is near to me not only because of my participation, but more because I'm tied to its content. My family and I are from Nicaragua, and we left because of it. Not only did it effect the political systems of many countries, including the U.S., it adversely affected families, lives, and futures in ways we are still struggling to figure out.  This work is not only exemplary photographic work but is strongly important and meaningful for the many generations of people effected by this revolutions riff in time. Please support Kevin's work by coming to the show tonight or buying his newly released book.

Signed Copies of the Book (limited) here: BOOK

Pier 24 - New Exhibit: About Face

From Pier 24 about their current show:

Pier 24 Photography presents About Face, an exhibition focusing on the tradition of portrait-based photography. On view are nearly one thousand photographs drawn primarily from the Pilara Foundation's permanent collection. Revelations - the Diane Arbus retrospective at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art - inspired the purchase of the Foundation's first photograph, a portrait from her challenging and emotive Untitled series. The emotional intensity characterizing this photograph has informed subsequent acquisitions for the collection. 

If you have no idea what Pier 24 is, it is a magical place that no words can describe.  If I were to try, breathtaking, inspiring, a real treat, must see, like, and thumbs up times ten.  If you have never gone, you should go to experience the space, which is one of the best art modern photo galleries that exist.  Plus it is free!  Go here to reserve a spot:


ReGeneration Show

Bay Area known photographers Luis Delgado, Rachel Phillips, and more are having a generational gap show this Saturday, Aug 13 at a.muse gallery from 5:30-9pm.  It is like a fine art photography battle/dialogue as to where established versus emerging photographers are paired side by side on the gallery wall.