If you are taking, or have taken my Photoshop Level 1 Workshop, you will have access to this area of the site.  You will need the login and password that I give to you after confirmation by attending the first class. Please take note that not all material from the workshop is available on video so you must still come to class and take adequate notes.   This is just my gift to all of you as supplemental material.  Please don't abuse the privilege by sharing passwords with people that have not taken my class as this takes access and share space from valid users.  Thank You for your understanding - Carlos Importing Using Bridge CS5

Layers Panel

Understanding Levels & Adjustment Layers

Curves Adjustment Layers

Color Correction Fact Gathering

Burning and Dodging

Tutorials From the web that I approve:

Complex Masking For Hair

Student Work Example of Before and After Black and White conversion using methods learned in the class.

Doron Levitan

Doron Levitan


http://www.wacom.com - graphics tablet for pain free photoshopping

http://www.photoshopcafe.com - good  resource for effects tutorials

http://planetphotoshop.com - Type effects!

http://jkost.com - Pro Tutorials for Free

http://tv.adobe.com - Official Tutorials